Blogger Time

This world is full of many possibilities. It is up to you to strive forward and reach for them. Never give up and keep pushing forward. I am excited to begin a new chapter as a blogger about various interesting topics about life, business, raising children and more. I am a woman who has worm many hats and took the plunge with staying at home with my children and working for myself. I will introduce you to many possibilities and give value and content to my blogs.  Follow me and come along with me in this awesome journey!


Homework with an ADHD Child

Homework can be very tasking after the medication wears off of my son who has ADHD. My child attends a special school for Dyslexia. The first school my child went to for private learning did not give homework because it was hard to have the child focus after a hard days work. This school however gives them homework and by the time we get home he is tired and the medication has worn off and has little focus. Does anyone out there have the same troubles with such  issues. Trying to get a feel if anyone else out there deals with the same frustration as I do.

Amazing Skincare Results

Reverse Lighting Regimen. I began my journey as a consultant with Rodan and Fields to help other men and women feel more confident about themselves. As seen below (in the before and after) I did not know the impact the skincare would have on my self esteem. As a former police officer I worked on the water and on the beaches. I was a sun junkie on and off duty. I never thought about my face and protecting it. Hence I gained a lot of freckles and dark spots. Reverse lighting system within two months dramatically changed my skin.

Many of us deal with the day to day issues of unwanted lines, sun damage, and acne. I love helping others and wanted to become apart of a great organization. I received the opportunity to be on a team from LA with my head leader being a Hollywood actress. An A lister who I could not believe that she to was helping herself and others with our products. Along with my partner from LA another actress I took the plunge and became my own boss. In doing this I gained confidence for myself and I am able to help others with their skin. I also have created a team of women and men who wanted more freedom to work for themselves.

I give Rodan and Fields am A++ for products and employment. Anyone reading this how do you feel about your skin? Do you need advice on how to gain that look you desire and maintain it. Do you want to become a member of a spectacular team to excel in your passion of skincare? The actor I work for who is a man uses the number one brand of skincare in North America so don’t think this is just for the ladies. Men have skin too. So let me know what you think and if you have any questions for I will be there to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. We have a great program for preferred customers so jump in and get the skin you so deserve.

When life throws you punches.

Life is a ride. Sometimes it is an absolutely joy ride. However at times we can be thrown many punches that causes one to feel so uneasy. It can be a person, place, situation or obstacle that stands in your way. Lately I have been thrown absolutely gut punches that hurt my soul that I can not even to begin to describe it with words. I can though learn from my struggles. Push through and jump the hurdles that plague my current situation. To all of you who may feel hopeless down on life pick your ass up. Show yourself not anyone else that you are strong and courageous. This can be hard at times but it gets easier. Meditate, pray, cry out from the depths of your soul for the strength to get by and you will make it. Nothing is impossible you can do it.

Kicked the habit!

Trying to quit smoking is a challenge. This last year I attempted a few times with the patch, gum, and calling the quit line. However this was not a success. Surprisingly so what worked was something that needed to be done and required me not to smoke after the procedure.

A Tooth extraction!! No smoking or drinking from a straw for two weeks after surgery. Now I am not a toothless woman now!! The tooth was a back tooth that I forgot to get crowned after a root canal and now I will end up having a bridge or implant in the location.  In fear of getting a dry socket I choose not to smoke or drink from a straw but funny things happen even after following the doctor’s orders, I still ended up with a dry socket which was a miserable and a very painful experience. So I have been smoke free for 50 days. It feel so good. I was a pack a day menthol smoker and I can say that Oral surgery was the best route ever for my success thus far in kicking the habit.

When in doubt if you are trying to kick the habit and need some major dental work, schedule oral surgery. It just may do the trick for you as it did for me!! 🙂


Happy Sunday Stay Positive!

Life can bring all of us ups and downs. Stress, negativity, and other factors can creep into our world. BUT we have choices though on how to deal with such struggles. I am a very positive person. I have found that  it takes the affirmations of positive thoughts to turn the negative around. Do not dwell on circumstances that are not to your liking. Move past them with great strength and power. I have found that focusing and envisioning positive outcomes in all negative situations helps me get back on track quickly. I just got over the stomach flu this past week so it took a lot of positive thoughts to move past the last 3 days. 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday all!! Make it a positive productive and blessed day!!




We must believe in ourselves and have great determination. Throughout life we go through ups and downs but it is up to you to pick yourself up and stay determined with your goals. Determination plus a positive attitude can cause you to overcome obstacles and manifest a awesome outcome. Waking up in the morning, before getting out of bed, positively set forth the path of your day. No matter how you feel push forward with positive thoughts of how you want things to go and you will see awesome results. Good Morning to you all. Just a little thought to take you through your day. Positivity can take you to great places. Set forth your path with great joy. Affirming all the goodness you desire and you will most assuredly have a fantastic day.

Deactivating Distractions

Today after careful considerations I deactivated some distractions in my life.  I have been holding onto  some distractions that are not creating any value to my life. Social Media is great but when it becomes such a bother and one is not gaining any value, IT MUST GO! Today I abolished my two Facebook accounts. Facebook I am breaking away from to create more time that I can devote to more important tasks and activities. Instagram is a wonderful simple way to post pictures and events that tell a quick story. LinkedIn another great business tool that I have found to help create contacts of value. Facebook though has become an infomercial, a distraction of time spent just clicking on the application on my phone for really no apparent reason. This is a change for me but a good one. Private messages from people who see that you are online, and want to chat about nothing, I will not miss. I could ignore those people but as many of you know it is like an addiction you must respond, you feel like you must. Then after a while you realized you have just wasted 20 minutes of chatting about nothing and then surfing the pages.  Don’t get me wrong Facebook is a great tool, especially with creating groups or pages for business. Right now I just see it as more of a distraction and want to navigate away from the things that are not adding value to my life. In reading the book The Law of Attraction I gained much knowledge about clouding the brain. I am breaking away from over stimulation of things that do not add value to my existence.