Amazing Skincare Results

Reverse Lighting Regimen. I began my journey as a consultant with Rodan and Fields to help other men and women feel more confident about themselves. As seen below (in the before and after) I did not know the impact the skincare would have on my self esteem. As a former police officer I worked on the water and on the beaches. I was a sun junkie on and off duty. I never thought about my face and protecting it. Hence I gained a lot of freckles and dark spots. Reverse lighting system within two months dramatically changed my skin.

Many of us deal with the day to day issues of unwanted lines, sun damage, and acne. I love helping others and wanted to become apart of a great organization. I received the opportunity to be on a team from LA with my head leader being a Hollywood actress. An A lister who I could not believe that she to was helping herself and others with our products. Along with my partner from LA another actress I took the plunge and became my own boss. In doing this I gained confidence for myself and I am able to help others with their skin. I also have created a team of women and men who wanted more freedom to work for themselves.

I give Rodan and Fields am A++ for products and employment. Anyone reading this how do you feel about your skin? Do you need advice on how to gain that look you desire and maintain it. Do you want to become a member of a spectacular team to excel in your passion of skincare? The actor I work for who is a man uses the number one brand of skincare in North America so don’t think this is just for the ladies. Men have skin too. So let me know what you think and if you have any questions for I will be there to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. We have a great program for preferred customers so jump in and get the skin you so deserve.

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