Kicked the habit!

Trying to quit smoking is a challenge. This last year I attempted a few times with the patch, gum, and calling the quit line. However this was not a success. Surprisingly so what worked was something that needed to be done and required me not to smoke after the procedure.

A Tooth extraction!! No smoking or drinking from a straw for two weeks after surgery. Now I am not a toothless woman now!! The tooth was a back tooth that I forgot to get crowned after a root canal and now I will end up having a bridge or implant in the location.  In fear of getting a dry socket I choose not to smoke or drink from a straw but funny things happen even after following the doctor’s orders, I still ended up with a dry socket which was a miserable and a very painful experience. So I have been smoke free for 50 days. It feel so good. I was a pack a day menthol smoker and I can say that Oral surgery was the best route ever for my success thus far in kicking the habit.

When in doubt if you are trying to kick the habit and need some major dental work, schedule oral surgery. It just may do the trick for you as it did for me!! 🙂


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