Deactivating Distractions

Today after careful considerations I deactivated some distractions in my life.  I have been holding onto  some distractions that are not creating any value to my life. Social Media is great but when it becomes such a bother and one is not gaining any value, IT MUST GO! Today I abolished my two Facebook accounts. Facebook I am breaking away from to create more time that I can devote to more important tasks and activities. Instagram is a wonderful simple way to post pictures and events that tell a quick story. LinkedIn another great business tool that I have found to help create contacts of value. Facebook though has become an infomercial, a distraction of time spent just clicking on the application on my phone for really no apparent reason. This is a change for me but a good one. Private messages from people who see that you are online, and want to chat about nothing, I will not miss. I could ignore those people but as many of you know it is like an addiction you must respond, you feel like you must. Then after a while you realized you have just wasted 20 minutes of chatting about nothing and then surfing the pages.  Don’t get me wrong Facebook is a great tool, especially with creating groups or pages for business. Right now I just see it as more of a distraction and want to navigate away from the things that are not adding value to my life. In reading the book The Law of Attraction I gained much knowledge about clouding the brain. I am breaking away from over stimulation of things that do not add value to my existence.


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