Bullying Foundation celebrates 5 years!

Being the Regional Director of The Quinton Aaron Foundation for anti-bullying is such an honor and privilege. It is so rewarding to be apart of such a great team that cares so deeply about this growing epidemic. The Foundation has such a great mentor, Quinton Aaron, the actor who played in the move, The Blind Side. The Blind Side a movie that is known for the true story of football player Michael Ore, and how he was blessed to overcome obstacles by being saved by a family who took him in. If you have not seen it go rent it. Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw portray the parents of the real life family who changed Michael’s life forever.

We all take part in educating all ages of  children and young adults at schools and functions that being bullied is not ok! Bullying should be reported!  The team also educates the adults/school authorities to take this seriously and not ignore reports of such acts. It has been reported that 45% who experience acts of bullying go unreported. The results of this fact is due to victims’ feeling it is their fault, embarrassment, and also lack of faith in the people that they confide in.

This is our fifth year anniversary of the Foundation. The founder, David Tyler and Quinton Arron, along with myself and the team, have great things for the upcoming school year. The Foundation will be going on tour to visit schools around the United States starting in August.

If anyone wants more information regarding The Quinton Aaron Foundation please email me at Marisa@quintonaaron.org. Stay tuned for more blogging about bullying and different scenarios for parents, teachers, and young adults that you will benefit from.  Times have changed so much since I was in school. I remember being made fun of in school but not to the degree that it has risen to today.

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