Skincare Special!!!

I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of summer!

Not to push in any way, shape or form – I just wanted to reach out and inform all of you the special pricing on the skin care regimens’ now through today at 5pm Eastern Standard Time. The company is offering an end-of-month special for preferred customers with wholesale pricing. $209 for any four-step regimen, lash boost, and eye cream (normally $55). It’s $125 savings on the Redefine anti-aging bundle. Kind of crazy-pants.

I just love this stuff so much want to spread the word. The only reason I got into consulting for this amazing company is because my skin has never felt so good. It is the right time to become a Preferred Customer if you are not already one of mine.

If you don’t love it, return empty bottles within 60 days for full refund. For real!!

Contact me if you have questions, and feel free to spread the word.

Email me or contact me via 813-679-5363.

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