Summer is here for the kids. Now what?

Kids are out for the summer. Now what to do with them? Making the summer interesting and fun can be a challenge sometimes. Every summer many of us do the same thing or may have our children involved in some sort of camp or activity. The time we do get to have with our children can be expensive, and not worth the cost,  no matter what is in your wallet. I decided to come up with some interesting, fun, and hands on activities that can bring the family closer together. We as parents, can run out of ideas for activities to entertain our children.

Here are a few ideas that can be cheap, inexpensive, and sometimes free that can get you out of the house with your kids.

Historical sights: With in your area or in close driving proximity there are historical museums, homes, and venues you probably didn’t even know existed. I did a search and found some interesting locations that I did not even know were open for tours that added great value and were fast and fun for my kids.

Buy a puzzle and do it with you kids. I actually do this all the time and now I find myself doing it when they are not around. LOL It is a fun way to solve a problem and try to fit all the pieces together and be competitive.

State parks and local parks that have walking trails with an emphasis on history. The kids will enjoy being out doors and have fun sight seeing as well.

Find a local bike trail and go biking together. I am a overprotective mom so I end up screaming and making sure my kids don’t go ahead of me but it is all fun and worth it in the end. 🙂

In conclusion search google. Search local library events that you can attend. Make it interesting and not the normal trip to the theme park that usually occurs every summer. Go rent kayaks if you are near the water. I purchased some and it is so fun for the kids. I hope you enjoyed reading this and have a fantastic summer. Reading is also a great tool to engage with the kids. Make yourself the character and have fun with it.




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