Entrepreneur=putting the time in!

As an entrepreneur I have my hands in some great businesses. Many people think that you can just start a venture and place a media post here and there and boom you are successful. This is not the case. After a few failures I decided to educate myself and read as many books as possible to learn the game of properly conquering some set backs. I hit walls many times mostly because of fear. Fear of getting out of that comfort zone and driving full force forward with passion and great intentions.

One important factor is you must choose carefully in working for yourself in multi level marketing. There are so many schemes and dead ends that lead people to get discouraged because they signed up through someone who only cares about bringing people on board for their own selfish motivations. They have no intentions of coaching or mentoring the new recruit because they just wanted to add to there pocket.

I have selected the business ventures that I am involved in through clear thinking. Researching the company and making sure I am surrounded by a team who is all in to help achieve the goals you desire. I also made a decision to venture into my love for children and reading by becoming affiliated with an organization that not only prospers myself but is geared around my children to help them in the process. Two great companies after hitting walls with others that were just down right a joke.

You can be a part time or full time independent consultant and achieve goals and gain extra money for yourself or family but remember to choose wisely when a to good to be true offer comes your way. I, in my spare time, have been working to become a life coach to mentor others who need direction in life. I have started my own business in doing this and prefer to work with women for it is empowering to help women like myself achieve their dreams and conquer their fears.  Remember when deciding  to take on such a position you must put the work in and push hard to meet your goals. Frustration was a word I have dealt with in the beginning however, once you learn that you must work and put the hours in like any other job, then you will see the results of your venture.

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