Happy Monday

Monday’s are a new beginning. It is a day to reflect on the new week ahead and set goals in motion to accomplish no matter what profession you hold. Writing down want you want to accomplish can be a good way to make sure things get done. As a entrepreneur involved in a few business ventures this has helped me to accomplish what needs to be done and what distractions need to be left alone. I have a lot on my plate and sometimes I can get distracted by different circumstances that arise during my day. Those circumstances can add up and by the time you know it you have wasted two hours checking social media, checking email, or taking a call from a friend which ends up being more than a few minutes on the phone. Set time frames, write lists, and put important things to do on your calendar. Make sure you are free from all distractions and get your day off to a good start. This way your week will be so much more productive and your goals will be completed. I am working on this myself and becoming more diligent on the truly important tasks rather than the distractions that seem to not be such a distraction at the time, but I have learned when I have looked back, I have wasted time on frivolous things that have got me no where. So have a wonderful Monday! Push forward with no fear and accomplish what needs to be done. Get out of your comfort zone and move forward with a positive attitude.

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